Tips For Getting Your First Bespoke Suit

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Getting a first Bespoke suit is a very daunting task for an individual. We have a lot of things in mind and we can’t decide what to choose to get dressed in the best fitting suit.

Today we will let you know about all types of styles available and what you should choose for yourself.

Usually, we opt for Bespoke suit to wear at some special occasion because a bespoke suit is costlier than the other forms of clothing. So we should be clear about the style we want.

Our bespoke suit could be divided into different parts which are explained below:


These are the most appealing part of a Bespoke Suit. The Choice of the label will affect the design of your suit. There are three types of lapels design available.

Different lapel styles are:

  1. Notch
  2. Shawl
  3. Peak

For the First time user, you should go with Notch style.

Bespoke suits lapels


It is Slit at back of the jacket. It allows easy mobility. Usually, a single vent jacket is advisable for the first time user.

Different types of vent style are:

  1. Single vent
  2. Double vent
  3. No vent

bespoke vent


The number of buttons has a significant role to give perfect looks to your suit. The single button suit will be best for your first bespoke suit.

Numbers of buttons:

  1. Single-button
  2. Two-button
  3. Three-button

Button on Bespoke suit

Color and quality of Fabric

Finesse of the suit depends on the quality of the fabric. The best fabric is lightweight wool 8.5-9.5 ounce fabric. You can choose the color of your choice but the black color is the most preferred.


Your trousers should be such that it should fit you the best. The Crotch of your trouser should not be too tight so that it disturbs you. The waist of your trouser should be such that it should fit you without the belt. The Lenght of trousers.


For your first bespoke suit don’t try to over-do anything, just stay as simply as possible. A Simple bespoke suit will also give you the best fitting to give you the best dressing experience. For the best class services always prefer to choose the quality bespoke tailor.

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