Difference between Fashion and Style | What to Choose

People usually think Style and Fashion as same but they don’t understand the difference between the two. You also would have confusion between the two? Today in this Blog we will try to clear all your doubts.

To proceed further let’s understand the definition of Fashion and Style


 As per the clothing scenario, it is something which is trending at a particular period of time. As there was the time when people loves to wear very loose cloths and the fashion changes then people prefer to wear skinny cloths.

Fashion is something that keeps on changing with time, when we follow fashion, we tries to imitate others. They might be some famous personality or some other source like magazines from where you get attracted.


 Style is something unique and very personal. It doesn’t change with time. It shows your uniqueness in wearing suits and dresses. Style is something which represents you as a different personality among the crowd.

Style is all about your own comfort that is the reason it doesn’t depend on other. It is uniqueness to get dressed the way which suits you. “Style is forever”.

Both “Fashion and Style” have their own pros and cons

If you adopt fashion, you will follow what is trending. On the other hand if you adopt your style, you will show our uniqueness. If you have a good sense of dressing you can build your style and that will be adopted by others also.

Fashion is just imitation but the style is your own creation. Where you can follow fashion easily by imitating others, to be a stylish you need to have confidence in yourself to represent as you are. Initially, you need to practice different things and choose the one in which you feel great and is liked by all.  

What to Choose Fashion or Style

Choosing one among Fashion or Style totally depends on your own. If you need to look unique, you develop our own style but if you don’t have time to practice different things, you can go with something that is trending.

If you choose to adopt fashion, you can buy the ready-made dress or if you want to try your own style, you need to hire a Tailor for you. It will be more useful if you can hire a bespoke tailor.        

As per my recommendation, being a bespoke tailor, we understand this and deliver you the best out of the fabric you choose for yourself.

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