Color Choice for Your Suit

Color Choice for Your Suit

Choosing the right color for your suit could be very difficult for you. It may depend on various factors such as occasion, weather, skin tone, age, and many more. The colors of your suit reflect what you wear it for.

You have different color options available and there are lots of variations in one color. So you have a wide range to choose from as per your choice.

If talking about the most used colors these are Blue, Black, and Grey. You will get different variations in every color like Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Sky blue. You will get this variation in every color. Along with these colors you have many other color options available.

Generally, we buy suits after the age of 15 years it may be time for your interview. At this time Navy or Charcoal colored suit is the best choice for you. You will look smart in this attire and it is best for office wear.  

For Party wear, you can try dark shades where you can go with dark Blue or dark Brown. The dark-colored suit is preferred for party wear these color shades helps to boost your personality and you can express yourself among the other suit wearers in the party.

During summers, in hot seasons you should wear lighter shades of skin or yellow color. You should wear colors which are heat repellant. In winter, you can wear dark colors you can go with dark grey, black or brown color as per the requirement of the occasion.  

Along with these color options, you will get a combination of different colors where you get stripped fabric of different colors, there you can choose the suit as per your needs. The colors of the suit will change with the suit’s material – woolen, silk, cotton, or any other material. So keep the basics and choose the color of fabric which you like the most.

You should take consultation with your tailor before the selection of fabric as they can guide you in the best possible way.     

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