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Color Choice for Your Suit

Decision of Fabric assumes a significant job in getting the best suit for you. The structure of your suit relies upon the nature of the texture. In addition, Tailor can give you the best fitting just if the nature of the texture is unrivaled.

In particular, the decision of texture relies upon the particular needs and circumstance for which you are going to wear your suit. You can go for various textures as indicated by the adjustment in season.

There are numerous variables on which decision of texture depends. Your suit must satisfy all the components:

As indicated by Climatic condition

Generally, you have to consider the cold and hot season. You can go with woolen texture in the winter however in the mid year you should go with breathable texture like cloth which is lightweight and could permit simple wind stream through them.

As per the event

You may need to wear a suit for an alternate event that might be normal wear, office wear, gatherings, voyaging or some other service. You can choose the shade of texture according to the interest of the event. Dark, Navy Blue, Gray, Charcoal are the basic colors. For Business wear, you may go with Brown suit.

As per Complexion

The conventional hues are dark, grey and navy blue, these are reasonable for all the color complexions. Although, if your skin is fair, you can try different colors but if your skin is dark you need dark colored suit with light colored shirt.

As per the fabric

 You have the alternative to choose from Super 80 to super 250. Lower the super value means measurement of texture is thick, and the texture of Super 250 is very thin. The 150 is the most-strong texture for typical use. You can choose the material of fabric as per your needs.  

As per Design (Pattern)

You can select fabric from the collection of different fabric available, where you can choose plain fabric which is most trending and will stay forever or you can choose the fabric with Pin stripes & Chalk stripes, check, herringbone, and many other patterns

The different Fabric types available are Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Tweed, Cotton and Linen, velvet and many more.

Before the selection of your suit Fabric you must consult with your Bespoke tailor.   

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