Bespoke Suits From Ordering to Completion | Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke Suits From Ordering to Completion | Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke Suits is suits created from scratch on demand of the particular user. It is a specially made suit for the requirement of the user by analyzing detailed measurements of the body.

Depending on the Schedule of the bespoke tailor, the Bespoke suit takes about a month or two to complete. This process takes a long time because the tailor has to check for the best fitting of the suit and has to take multiple measurements.

Ordering of bespoke Suit

For buying a bespoke suit, you have two options available either you can buy the suit by personally visiting the store or if you are having a hectic schedule, you can order it online.

For placing an order, from online store you need to submit a form and you will be contacted by our professional bespoke tailor who will ask you to submit all your body measurements.

Bespoke Tailor will discuss the details of your order in which he will inquire about the size, style, quality of the fabric, cost of suit and will ask for precise measurement in which he will take about 15-20 measurement of every part of your body.

Usually, this process is done by online form filling or tailor could personally visit your place or the best way is you can visit the tailor store and submit all your details and choose the fabric which suits you the best.

Second Phase

After the selection of fabric and submission of measurements. The tailor will start the process of curation of the suit. As per your measurements, the tailor will cut the suit and do the pick stitching.

Then the client will be asked for the second measurement. In this measurement, the tailor will check for the exact fitting of the curated suit. Analyzing the body structure, the tailor will make the required changes to the suit.

Third Phase

After the second phase, the tailor will make all the required changes. Most probably the full suit will be completed at this stage. The Testing process is carried out for the fitting of the suit. If the tailor and client are satisfied then the final suit will be delivered to the client.

However, if they both require some changes they could plan for one more meeting.


The main focus of Bespoke clothing is to deliver the best fitting suit. So It takes a lot of time and investment too. 

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